On occasions, software will simply not work like it should.  The most common troubleshooting technique is to re-start the computer.  Restarting will, in most cases, solve MANY issues. However, sometimes it won't. These kinds of issues call for more drastic actions: The RE-INSTALL!!

To reinstall applications/software, you'll need to have the install file on a disc, flash drive, or downloaded from the Internet or some other type of medium.  When you run that install program, depending on the type of computer you're using, you may have to type in your authentication credentials or click an OK button or something to actually DO the install.  This will completely depend on the type of computer/device you are using: ex. Mac, PC, Chromebook, iOS, etc....  If you're using one of the Macintosh computers here at school, you may need to type in the administrator's username and password to allow a program to install. Please check with the network administrator to obtain that information if you do not already know it.  (Send a support ticket to obtain that information by going to: support.slkfschool.com)

After you re-install the software, in most cases you should be ok.  If all else fails, you may need to submit a support ticket and escalate this further after trying these couple of steps: re-start the computer and/or re-install the software.